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5 Stages to fight insecurity

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Frequently Asked Questions

Great question. For starters you should listen to someone that has walked the walk and not only talks the talks. So someone who has dealt with severe insecurity their whole life. Then you should also listen to someone who is now where you want to be. But – and that’s important, not somewhere where the change of you getting “there” is close to zero. That’s why it does not make sense to listen to masters or experts or billionaires or outliers or “one offs” or celebrity gurus  Sorry to say: you will never get there. These people are born with a special character (often sales and persuasion), special traits combined with luck and a thousand other things. How we know this? Because you are now reading this. Outliers follow a different path. Again sorry.

So why listen to us? We are (just) ahead of you. But still within reach (relatable) and we do not seek fame or fortune. That’s also why we have the time and passion to put in all the effort of building the and platform and record hundreds of lessons or videos. We have this time because we know what we are talking about, but we are far form being a master, a billionaire or a “one-off”. Again, someone who is a billionaire, one-off, celebrity (guru) has always lost touch with reality. Nothing they do – they do by themselves, and nothing they teach has to do with how they became famous or whatever in the first place. They are just special and that is why they succeeded. But.. and that is very important: Even though they teach A, the path they actually walked it B. And B is the 5 transformations. This without them probably even knowing this. But, deep down, you already know this or experienced that what they are teaching does not work for you. Why, because how hard you try, you still remain the same person, with the same VOICES in your head. The Voice of Insecurity, just won’t stop talking.  To really understand what we are saying, you first have to experience all the free content we share. And after that, you are ready to listen. Until then. unfortunately you still listen to your Voice of Insecurity.

You should not. That’s why the 5 Transformations works. They teach you exactly who to listen to. And best of all, it only takes a very small investment. You do not have to waist hours of your valuable time and hope for the best. 5 minutes is all we ask for you to see that you can change your life. Again the 5 Transformations: 5 minutes to learn, a lifetime to master. So, one step at the time and no – no liar scheme on how to achieve an overnight succes and buy that Lambo. As always. A journey of a thousand miles, begins with the first step. 

Great question and somewhat the same answer to the question “why should we listen to you”. It does not make sense for you to listen to one-offs, outliers, celebrity gurus, experts or the absolute captains of an industry. That’s great for marketing, trying to make you believe that you can be “just like them” when you just “listen to them”. That’s not true. If it worked, everybody would become industry leaders, celebrity gurus. That’s not the case. Why? All those people are not in your shoes. Even the smallest thing is very easy for them to say. They probably did not even had the time to write their own course script and do all the (hard) work. Yes – they worked their ass of – for many – many – many years. And now, with all the good intentions, they believe they can also help you succeed. They can’t. Understand. Every day, the whole day – all people that surround them, will tell them how great they are. When they have an idea, everybody will start running. You on the other hand. You have to deal with your Voice of Insecurity first (1st Transformation). And they do not teach you that. They (all) teach you that you can change if you just use A/B/C/D (what they teach you). But how hard you try, you can and will not change. And deep down you know this. Do you (now) understand why? Why you can not change? Again, first you have to understand the 5 Transformations. Luckily the 5 Transformations, are 5 minutes to learn and we provide them for free though out our whole site. And yes, then come the hard part: A lifetime to master. But this is where our courses come in. So sign up and start changing your life.  

Yes and no. Yes because guarantees are easy to give. And most success coaches do just that. What they do not tell you however is that there are certain conditions you must meet in order to actually get a refund. This does not make sense and this is not the mentality you will learn when you enroll in our courses. We teach you to learn to listen to the Voice of Security. And this voice will never make you sorry about the decisions you took in your life. Because after the 5th Transformation, you have befiriend your two inner voices. So back to the question: the straightforward answer: no. how can we possibly give you a 30-day-money back guarantee on an online video course? We can’t, so we don’t. You can start small, you can even watch previews but in the end: You have to jump, take action to change your life. We hope you will.   

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